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The Bible comes alive

The Daily Audio Bible readings will make the Bible come alive in our daily lives. In going through the Scriptures, we realize their relevance even in our era and how Gods Word addresses every possible situation we could ever face. This is a life changing app!!!

Cool app!

Cool app... Love read along feature that has the readings for the day. A must for any DABer!

Im in Aawww!!!

Im soo proud of the DAB team that got this together... Brian! Finally huh?! Ill gladly pay the .99 cent! Great Job!!! Love U Family<3

Awesome DAB on my iPod

Just got an iPod touch. Thats the first must have app!! Looking forward to many days in the bible! Thank you for your faithfulness Brian!!


Love this app! Great for busy people on the go. A wonderful blessing!


If u truly desire to change ur life - the bible is the way and dab family helps feel loved and comfortable

Expanding the way to learn about GOD

This does not replace reading the BIBLE but if you cant, this app is the best!

Get Peace for your Life!

Mr Hardin does a very professional job of connecting folks with the WORD of GOD. In our current busy-ness of life its challenging (to say the least) to find 30 minutes per day to sit down and read anything (never mind Leviticus). DAB is nourishing, it is delivered in a manner which connects people from all walks; this is a TRIBE that once you get started in, you wont want to miss the next reading. Wed love to welcome you to this community, dive in & listen. Dont get separated from the pack, stay connected to God. Get into the DAB and become a part of this community of love, fellowship. Art Kingma Winnipeg - CANADA

Daily Audio Bible

A wonderful resource. It is a great way to be reading through the bible regularly. Brian has a clear reading voice which is pleasant to listen toand his prayer at the end is a blessing at the beginning of the day. Its also great to be a part of this world wide, praying, community. A valuable resource that I recommend to anyone, those who are famililar with the bible and for those who are new comers!


Cant find any flaws with this app whatsoever! Absolutely perfect! Love hearing the Word when Im on the go! Thanks for the app DAB team!


Best app I have. Also check the website. The community is like a family.

Love it

This 1 is the best app i download ever in my i pod tx 4 being there everyday just 2 help me grow 2 be closer 2 God every day, 2 this app rocks

Great app

Super app that I really enjoy. Im not sure all the translations are actually translations but probably some i think are paraphrases. Nevertheless very enjoyable. Thanks Brian.

AMAZING !!!!!!

This app is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL !!! I would recommend this app to EVERYONE !!! This app will change your life if you use it everyday. If you are considering downloading this app, DO IT !!! You will not be disappointed.

Pure straight Spiritual food

This will change your life, I Promise!!!! Love You DAB Family

The best bible app out there!!!

The best bible app out there!!! Just love it!!!

Great app

Love to listen to the bible and enjoy the community support and prayers. Keep them coming

I enjoy using the app, but...

Some improvements are needed: 1) Still takes too long to load—maybe more of the content could be part of the app as opposed to web-based? 2) if I pause the audio, & dont resume in 5 min. or so, it exits everything and I have to go through all the hoops again just to get to the audio Bible.

Great app!

Listening to the Word - does change your life. Great app!

Its a Daily Bread

This is the greatest app on iTunes . Bless u Brian and the DAB family.

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